Additional Company Policies

Established in 1994, we are a double certified Disability-owned & Woman-owned business. We’ve worked on 6 continents with corporations, non-profits, universities, and governments, and we synthesize these collective learnings for the benefit of our clients.

Supplier Diversity Policy

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion is what we do so it’s also who we are. Our team is purposefully visibly and invisibly diverse, weaving a tapestry of individuals whose voices reflect a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, abilities, and lived experiences. We bring this rich organizational culture of different perspectives to all projects in support of our clients’s desires to create inclusion.

Our small team’s diversity of ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and abilities (neurological, cognitive, and physical) makes us relatable. We have a global presence so we can lead across all time zones.

Sustainability Policy

The core value of our Environmental Sustainability Policy is, “If it’s good for the Earth, it’s good for us!” Creative Facilitations is committed to primarily remote work. When in-person engagements are required, we work with clients to embed the following policies:

  • Purchase of Carbon-Offset for all team-members and participants

  • No plastic cups or water-bottles

  • Certified green vendors for catering, swag, etc.

  • Choose LEED-Certified buildings for trainings/events

We encourage our staff, contractors, and clients (when appropriate) to raise their awareness around their personal and organizational environmental impact.

Creative Facilitations is a Disability-owned & Woman-owned business. Being part of marginalized groups, our differently-abled, neuro-atypical, multi-cultural lenses inform every aspect of our work; combining this with our global team’s diversity, we aim to further accessibility and belonging worldwide.