Transformation for Positive Change
toward Social Justice
Transformation for Positive Change
toward Social Justice

Creative Facilitations is a people and organizational development consultancy. Through DEI-informed lenses, we help organizations increase positive communication, uncover the value of different perspectives, hold space for challenging conversations, and nurture diverse teams so people feel like they belong and can do their best work.

We do this through…




Producing Virtual Learning Experiences


Strategic Consulting


Organizational Culture Development


Curriculum Design for both In-person and Virtual learning




Team Building

We work globally with non-profit organizations, corporations, universities, and governments

– and have done so for over 25+ years.

Stephanie Pollack

Founder of Creative Facilitations

In my work, I’ve built roads with hilltribe villages in Thailand, made jewelry with Native elders in the Navajo Nation, felt bombs explode in oPt-Gaza, and circumnavigated the globe on a ship. I’m more comfortable packing for a trip than being in a home goods store, and cannot possibly consume enough super dark chocolate.

Oh, you wanted to read a typical professional bio that makes sense for a website like this?

With 25+ years of experience as a facilitator, consultant, author, and instructional designer working on 6 continents, I have disabilities and personally know struggles of transformation.

I work with an amazing global team, and you can too!

Let’s Work Together!

Creative Facilitations is a Disability-owned & Woman-owned business. Being part of marginalized groups, our differently-abled, neuro-atypical, multi-cultural lenses inform every aspect of our work; combining this with our global team’s diversity, we aim to further accessibility and belonging worldwide.