We transform organizations by helping them develop and lead innovative processes to connect people to ideas, each other, and themselves for positive change toward social justice. We transform organizations by helping them develop and lead innovative processes to connect people to ideas, each other, and themselves for positive change toward social justice.

We achieve positive change through



Holding space for groups of diverse people to learn together is our superpower. We are present, authentic, and curious. We go deep quickly while being playful. This combo creates a-ha moments of transformation which moves mountains (well, not actual mountains, more like internal seismic shifts).


Strategic Consulting

Sometimes ya’ just wanna get some direction, especially with all this inclusion stuff. If you haven’t been focused on it for decades like we have, we know ya’ don’t know what ya’ don’t know, so we can help ya’ know… ya know?


Instructional Design for both In-Person and Virtual Learning

Learning styles differ and variety holds attention. We expertly create interactive courses where people actually learn practical tools to apply right away. Participants say it’s time very well spent. Topics like inclusive team and leadership development, diversity identity, communication across difference, bias and power, allyship, resilience… ooooo we can’t wait to play and learn with you.


Team Building

Inclusive team development is a tricky biz because not everyone likes the same stuff. Creativity rules! We consider multiple angles: synchronous and asynchronous means, various platforms and methods, large groups and small groups and pairs, heart-based and mind-based, active and reflective… it’s the combo for the win!


Virtual Learning Production

Our diverse team of Producers scattered across the globe are trained to tackle the challenges of the Virtual Classroom to give you the best learning / teaching experience possible.


Organizational Culture Development

Creating an inclusive culture takes time and sophistication. We discover if your systems are structured so your people can succeed within them. Together we collaborate over time to create an organizational culture that values everyone’s uniqueness, where everyone feels like they belong.



One-on-one conversations reveal biases and non-inclusive behaviors which might be hindering positive impact. In coaching, we confidentially hold space for all of you (not just work you), offering loving individualized nudges that bump you slightly outside of your comfort zone – where you’ll learn and shift and grow.

When you are aware of someone’s unique value, and show appreciation in a way that’s meaningful to them, it inspires them to do their best work. Culture of Appreciation: Employee Recognition Made Personal is a DEI-informed program that helps maximize the potential of individuals and teams to thrive.

Hybrid Work Proficiency: Helping Hybrid Teams Thrive. Hybrid team performance excellence is possible if sufficient time and proper care are taken to determine best practices for your organization. In this training program we collaborate in the development of targeted processes and intentional approaches that enhance inclusion and overall performance in the ever-changing hybrid landscape.

Creative Facilitations is a Disability-owned & Woman-owned business. Being part of marginalized groups, our disabled, neurodiverse, multi-cultural lenses inform every aspect of our work; combining this with our global team’s diversity on 3 continents, we aim to further accessibility and belonging worldwide.