Stephanie Pollack she/her
CF Founder and President, Facilitator

About: With 25+ years of experience as a biz owner, facilitator, consultant, instructional and program designer working on 6 continents, Stephanie became differently abled and personally knows struggles of transformation.

Superpower: Creating safe spaces so people feel comfortable opening up and being authentically real.

Loves: Her service dog Suki, soaking in hot water outside, and obscene amounts of dark chocolate

Jeremiah Lim he/him
Senior Production Specialist

About: Jeremiah is a musician, trainer, UI/UX practitioner and marketer. His diverse set of skills led him to work across the ASEAN regions, eventually leading him to work with at-risk youth equipping them with relevant digital skills to gain social mobility.

Superpower: Has an infectious aura of calm and patience that defuses any intense situation!

Loves: His family, Cooking and devising new recipes, seeking out new food adventures, his cat Aubrey, and vertical marathons

Luca Ceccarelli he/him
Facilitator | Senior Production Specialist

About: Luca brings with him a diverse skill set, a multicultural background and an unwavering commitment to creating powerful experiences for participants and meeting client needs. He takes great pride in bringing people together through transformational programs focused on communication, inclusivity, personal and professional growth. He believes in making the world a better place, one training at a time.

Superpower: Luca revels in the setup of the experience and the payoff of the debrief with a focus on applied transfer.

Loves: Luca loves sailing, adventure travel and spending time with his family.

Julie Bernard she/hers
Production Specialist

About: Julie is a content director focusing on trends and fashion. She has been working with film and video for the past 20 years, and has adapted to all new software and technologies along the years. She thrives for creativity and team work.

Superpower: She can work on three different projects at the same time while taking care of her daughter (she is a single mom) and her dog (which is a Daschung… Those who know will know)

Loves: Her daughter, more than anything in the world ; and writing, which has been part of her life since she learned to hold a pencil, and which saved her many times.

Bianca Zen she/her
Production Specialist

About: With a background in advertising, marketing and editorial in web publishing, Bianca has been running her digital marketing and copywriting business with her husband since 2011. She enjoys working with clients across the globe from diverse industries on marketing and content strategies, as well as conducting inbound marketing corporate training and workshops.

Superpower: Resilience – She adapts to any situation calmly and kindly, peppered with humour and smiles

Loves: Her family, netball, historical fantasy and gothic literature, data analysis

GB Bernardini he/him
Production Specialist




Ardie Harrison she/her




Ama A. Hooks she/her
Facilitator | Production Specialist

About: With 10+ years of Corporate experience in Human Resources,Training, and Leadership Development,  Ama became an HR consultant specializing in DEI strategy and organizational culture change to create alignment with company objectives and employees’ desires for inclusion and belonging.

Superpower: Ama is a connector of people and processes.

Loves: Ama loves being a mom, which contributes to her passion for making healthy homemade baby food. She also loves to travel and eat great food!

Seah Ze Wen he/him
Production Specialist